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talon is a pure Python package that implements Tractograms As Linear Operators in Neuroimaging.

The software provides the talon Python module, which includes all the functions and tools that are necessary for filtering a tractogram. In particular, specific functions are devoted to:

  • Transforming a tractogram into a linear operator.

  • Solving the inverse problem associated to the filtering of a tractogram.

  • Perform these operations on a GPU.

The package is available at Pypi and can be easily installed from the command line.

pip install cobcom-talon

Talon is a free software released under MIT license and the documentation is available on Read the Docs.

Getting help

The preferred way to get assistance in running code that uses talon is through the issue system of the Gitlab repository where the source code is available. Developers and maintainers frequently check newly opened issues and will be happy to help you.

Contributing guidelines

The development happens in the devel branch of the Gitlab repository, while the master is kept for the stable releases only. We will consider only merge requests towards the devel branch.

How to cite

If you publish works using talon, please cite us as indicated here:

Matteo Frigo, Mauro Zucchelli, Rachid Deriche, Samuel Deslauriers-Gauthier. “TALON: Tractograms As Linear Operators in Neuroimaging.” CoBCoM, 2021. https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-03116143

In section How to cite talon you will find the Bibtex entry.